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Educator, Researcher


Name: Mr. J. Bleecker

Age: 41

Birthday: March 14th, 1971

Graduate School Program

UBC Masters of Education Technology Program

Teaching Certification:  UVIC

Undergraduate School:  UVIC

Major: Biology/Microbiology

Trivia:  Alumnus of College Heights Secondary School, SD57

Private Sector Experience:  Technology consulting, website maintenance.


I’ve been a teacher at College Heights Secondary School since 1998.  My classroom experience includes many roles including Sr. Biology, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, and more.  I am the Science Department Head Liaison and Chairman of the School Technology Team.

About Me

Philosophy in Education

Problem Based Learning

Students learn by doing, solving problems, motivated by challenges to work with others to solve problems. PBL is an incredible motivator.


Collaborative Learning

No one is an island.  Success is found in team work.  PBL realizes its full potential when students work together and with their instructors.


Inverted Classroom

The inverted classroom puts learning first.  School becomes an active place not for lectures, but activities and projects.


Pedagogy not Technology First

The most important principle I took from my graduate coursework through UBC was “its about the learning.”