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Projects & Current Activities

Collaborative Projects


Projects: CHSS - Biology 12 & Biology 11 eCourses

Collaborators:  Rod Carr & Jerry Bleecker

Year:  2010-2012
Abstract:  Access to the classroom and learning resources should never be restricted.  In using the Centre for Learning Alternative’s eCourse Technology, a complete online course for Biology 12 was created providing an alternative open source textbook, access to animations, YouTube content, podcasts, lectures, labs, calendars, secure student marks, and Twitter.  The success of the project led to interest and professional development for several other instructors interested in creating online access to eCourse material, including Math 8-10, Calculus, and Science.

----> CHSS Biology 11 & 12 Access (email for passcode)

Project: Math 8 - Tessellations - Inverting the Classroom

Collaborators:  Jerry Bleecker, Sherrie Pearce, Erin Wilson

Year:  2012
Abstract:  Inverting the classroom, a joint project used computer animations to enable students to work together and explore tessellations and rules governing their creation.  Students worked collaboratively with guidance from their teachers to discover principles, apply concepts, and create their own patterns.  This lead to tessellation poster projects and a high degree of satisfaction in the learning approach.

----> Introduction file & Project File

Project: Chemistry 11 - Problem Based Learning

Collaborators:  Jerry Bleecker, Dave Sharcott

Year:  2008
Abstract:  Students learn complex ideas in chemistry using problem-based learning.  To prove this could be done,

-----> an interactive comic was made teaching Le Chatelier’s Principles of Equilibrium.




Ideas to Action

    Collaboration & Projects

Philosophy in Education

Problem Based Learning

Students learn by doing, solving problems, motivated by challenges to work with others to solve problems. PBL is an incredible motivator.


Collaborative Learning

No one is an island.  Success is found in team work.  PBL realizes its full potential when students work together and with their instructors.


Inverted Classroom

The inverted classroom puts learning first.  School becomes an active place not for lectures, but activities and projects.