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Educational Goals and Career Focus
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In my twelfth year with SD57 and completed my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology , it is my goal to pursue a leadership role to implement technology for learning, communication, collaboration, and professional development.


Career Objectives

Recent Work

Full Year Math 8

Working with colleagues to successfully implement full-year Math 8, collaborative work a success


Biology 12 eCourse

Working with Mr. R. Carr, a full Biology 12 eCourse is created using Moodle in SD57.  Collaboration meets creation.


Biology 11 eCourse

Collaborative efforts within the Science Dpt. at CHSS lead to creation to the first full eCourse at CHSS - Biology 11.


Learners First - Leadership by Example

In my portfolio, it is my goal to provide my educational history and experience, philosophy of teaching and leadership expressed in my work with educators, current activities, and vision moving forward in SD 57.

In Collaboration, I provide a brief synopsis of projects completed with colleagues over the past several years.  My goal since completing my UBC’s Masters of Education Technology Program has been to work with educators to create new educational supports for students based in technology, but most importantly, founded in educational best practices such as problem-based learning, collaborative & inquiry-based learning, cross-curricular approaches, and the inverted classroom.  To date, several of these initiatives have been successful.